Daniel Furelos-Blanco

PhD Student

Imperial College London

I am second-year PhD student in Computer Science advised by Prof. Alessandra Russo and Dr. Krysia Broda at Imperial College London.

Previously, I worked as research assistant at Universitat Pompeu Fabra under the supervision of Dr. Anders Jonsson. The focus of my research was on planning formalisms involving concurrent actions, mainly multiagent planning and temporal planning.

I hold a MSc in Intelligent Interactive Systems and a BSc in Computer Engineering from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.


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Induction of Subgoal Automata for Reinforcement Learning

In this work we present ISA, a novel approach for learning and exploiting subgoals in reinforcement learning (RL). Our method relies on …

Solving Multiagent Planning Problems with Concurrent Conditional Effects

In this work we present a novel approach to solving concurrent multiagent planning problems in which several agents act in parallel. …

CARPooL: Collective Adaptation using concuRrent PLanning

In this paper we present the CARPooL demonstrator, an implementation of a Collective Adaptation Engine (CAE) that addresses the …

Collective Adaptation through Concurrent Planning: the Case of Sustainable Urban Mobility

In this paper we address the challenges that impede collective adaptation in smart mobility systems by proposing a notion of ensembles. …

Forward-Search Temporal Planning with Simultaneous Events

In this paper we describe STP, a novel algorithm for temporal planning. Similar to several existing temporal planners, STP relies on a …

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