Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone! After some months (and even years) thinking about starting my own webpage, I have finally done it. The main reason for which I did not do it before was that I thought I could not explain anything interesting… and maybe I cannot! However, I wanted to have a place where I could explain experiences, as well as things I have learnt, things I am learning, and things I will (hopefully) learn.

Last year, in July 2015, I graduated in Computer Science from Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona). So basically here I will talk about topics related to Computer Science. However, I have many hobbies about which I do not know whether I will post about them or not (probably, I could talk about them from a computational perspective). At this moment, I am planning to post projects that I did during my bachelor’s degree years, as well as some pre-degree experiments that I consider interesting to talk about (e.g. how I started programming software).

Unfortunately, I started to use GitHub and Bitbucket short time ago, so many code I have written during these last years is not there. Nevertheless, I think I will upload some content there although I will not do any more commits… probably it could be eventually useful for somebody.

I will try to post as usually as possible (1 or 2 post per week). But I have to say that I do not guarantee that this will happen.

Anyway, welcome to my blog! I hope that you will enjoy it!